Award-Winning Gadget that Cleans and Disinfects Your Clothing

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The Best Care for Your Delicates and Fashion

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The Washing Machine in a Size of a Smartphone

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"A tiny device could be about to revolutionize the way we clean our clothes"

"...Now, there's a much more high-tech way to clean your laundry"

"It sounds like a dream come true for frequent flyers who pack light..."

It is definitely a product that will change the way we view the hassles of hand washing..."

"The Dolfi ultrasonic washing machine could change the way you do laundry..."

The Hand-Size Device that Cleans and Disinfects Your Clothes with the Power of Ultrasonic Technology

The Gentle Care for Your Favorite Fashion and Delicates

Dolfi is great for everything you would normally hesitate to throw into a washing machine. Silk, lace, cashmere, lingerie, shaped apparel and embellished fashion.

Fresh Clothes Anywhere

The Dolfi's portable size and lightweight are ideal for travel. The device easily fits in any luggage or handbag. Whether it is a business trip or holidays you can pack light and refresh your favorites with Dolfi.

The Best Friend for Your Activewear

Sportswear, yoga pants, tanks, camies and all types of swimwear. The apparel for your sweaty workouts will be gently but  thoroughly washed by Dolfi, preserving the performance of special textiles

Proper Care for Performance Outfits

Whether you're a dancer, singer, circus actor or performer of any other arts. Dolfi helps you to keep your costumes clean and in their best shape

What our customers say

I don't leave home without my Dolfi. It's always the first thing I pack now. Does an incredible job. 👍👍👍

My Dolfi has really come in handy. Besides using it while traveling, I've used it at home to do both lingerie and a couple of silk items which said "Dry Clean Only". I love that you just plug it in and wait til it's done its job, which it does very well. And the design is beautiful besides.

Using science and technology (Dolfi) to do the laundry my washing machine can't do.

I ❤️❤️❤️LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ my Dolfi! It cleans better than our washer at home for some things!

Love my Dolfi! It works amazingly well. It was able to remove foundation and mascara from a washcloth. That’s some heavily soiled material. It was well worth the wait.

I have used this Dolfi for several times. And it looks really useful. Without Dolfi, daily chores little bit inconvinience.

How It Works

  • Step One - Water & Laundry

    Fill a sink or any other waterproof container with water and put your laundry inside. The clothes should float freely in the water leaving some space below the laundry.

  • Step Two - Detergent

    Add detergent and give it a slight swirl to lightly mix it in with the water. Use high quality washing detergent for better results. Pre-treat tougher stains as needed.

  • Step Three - Dolfi

    Put the Dolfi device in the water. Make sure the logo is facing upward. The device should be located at the bottom of the container underneath the floating clothes.

  • Step Four - Power

    Plug Dolfi in the power outlet and it starts washing. A full cycle takes 60 minutes. Each 10 minutes are indicated by one light dot on the adapter. Once done, the device will switch off automatically..

The Technology

What Happens in the Water

The Cleaning Results

Dolfi - The Ultrasonic Washing Device
  • Next-Gen Cleaning

    Gentle on clothes but tough on dirt. Say goodbye to hand washing and machine damaged clothes.

  • Perfectly Portable

    Easy fit for any bathroom, luggage or even your pocket. Wherever you go - Dolfi can too!

  • Plug & Play

    Just switch the Dolfi device on and enjoy your free time!
    It really is that simple.

  • Save Time & Money

    Forget about costly laundry services and the hassle of hand-washing. Dolfi saves you money on every wash.