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How to Wash your Lingerie and Delicate Clothing in 21st Century?

How to Wash your Lingerie and Delicate Clothing in 21st Century?

Underwear and lingerie make us feel confident, they might be underneath another layer of clothes but we choose certain items for certain moments when we need that inner confidence. 

So as we rely on those delicate items they need to be like the day we got them.  Perfectly fitting and structurally sound.

How many times have you second guessed throwing your lingerie and other delicates in the washing machine, pressing the Power On button and hoping they come out unscathed?  And do you remember how you felt when the inevitable happened and you realized what you had done?


I know it has happened to you too.  It's happened to us all, and it sucks.  Your confidence producing armor is damaged and you have that event tomorrow.


Lady frustrated after the washing machine ruined her delicate clothes


Why are delicates so hard to wash?

Delicate items are not called delicates by chance.  They are thin, fragile fabrics woven and constructed to do a job and we rely on them to do that job every time we call on them.  That fine construction can be damaged by spin cycles or by simply rubbing them together during handwashing. 

I know what you're thinking.  You handwash them to protect them from the washing machine.  But guess what, you pulling and stretching at the fibers that will deconstruct the original shape and compromise the overall shape and design.

We've moved away from rubbing our delicates against washboards but are we doing enough to preserve the integrity of our favorite delicate items?

The good news is, there is an answer.  And it's technology lending us a hand.  Ultrasonic technology that is.  Dolfi uses ultrasonic technology which radiates through water to clean your delicate pieces of clothing with no handwashing required. 

The science behind it is fascinating and I'll go into that shortly.  The important thing is with ultrasonic cleaning, there's no way to pull or stretch your fragile pieces of clothing out of shape so they always look and feel new.  And giving you that confidence time and time again.


Lingerie cleaned with Dolfi


How Does Dolfi Work? [Here’s the techy part…]

Put simply, the Dolfi device is packed with ultrasonic technology that can be applied to cleaning delicate fabrics without compromising the structure.

There is no mechanical rubbing or whirling during ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning happens thanks to the cavitation phenomena. 

The device has a transducer inside that converts electric power into a range of soundwaves.  These soundwaves in water create millions of tiny bubbles. 

These bubbles then implode, creating jets of water (mixed with detergent) that dislodges the dirt from deep inside the fabrics.  This activity eliminates the need for washing machines or even hand washing. 

Industrial ultrasonic washing machines have been using this technology for years to clean mechanical components that would get damaged in other processes but now this technology is available for you at home so you can take care of your delicate items and cleaning them deeper than ever before.


How Ultrasonic Technology Cleans Fabric


Who benefits from Dolfi?

If you have delicate lingerie, a silk or lace blouse, a structured baby doll or any intricate piece of clothing that you don't trust the washing machine with, then try using Dolfi and see the results. 

Once you start washing with Dolfi you protect those items from damage, reduce the amount of times you have to buy new items and another wonderful aspect, you get your time back. 

When you use Dolfi you don't have to be there to do anything.  Just put it to work and come back later to hang it out to dry.  Sounds pretty sweet, right?


Why Dolfi is a game changer

Using Dolfi on your delicates will not only clean your items safely and deeply, it gives you back time you could be doing other things.  Plus it saves you money. 

And no, I don't mean money from not needing to buy new items but actual savings from not using the washing machine or dry cleaning.  Water consumption and electricity consumption is a fraction when using Dolfi over the conventional washing machine.

Dolfi doesn't completely replace your big load size automatic washing machine, although that would be awesome, that spot in my kitchen for me would become a pizza oven.  But anyway, it doesn't replace your washing machine, and it's not trying to. 

Dolfi is there when you're standing in front of the washing machine with your delicates in hand and you think to yourself "Am I going to regret this?"  that's when you reach for Dolfi and let it take care of business.

How This Portable Washing Machine Is Perfect While Traveling

How This Portable Washing Machine Is Perfect While Traveling

If anyone told me that in the near future we're going to have a portable washing machine in the size of a mobile phone, I'd have never believed him!

Modern technology has changed the way we live in infinite ways. Whether it's our life, work, or leisure time, there's always a machine or a device that has made our chores a much easier challenge for us.

Today, we're going to discuss one of the latest technologies that's going to take the world by storm; introducing the amazing Dolfi, the world's smallest and most gentle portable washing machine.

Let's take a deeper look at why this next-gen portable washing device can be the key to solving your laundry problems.

Why a Portable Washing Machine Might Be the Greatest Solution to Your Laundry Problems

If you’re a traveler who enjoys all kinds of outdoor activities, or you’re someone who always holds a plane ticket in his hands, whether it be for work or personal fulfillment, you’ll know the drill.

The worst laundry nightmare is when there's a lot of dirty clothes, and no washing machine or laundry services in sight. This leads us all to the inevitable. We open our bags, take out our smelly dirty laundry, head to the sink and get to work on handwashing them.

That isn’t the only problem. Going to the gym means sweaty clothes after a fruitful workout which inevitably means that we’ll need to do another workout afterwards to wash our clothes or inevitably destroy all those technologically advanced fabrics in the washer or dryer drum.

Even when you have your washing machine ready, there are sometimes these extremely delicate garments that you just can't throw in the washing machine for a quick wash.


Girl Frustrated with Washing Machine


All these were episodic samples of how dirty laundry and washing machines can be inconvenient and unreliable. Luckily, the new invention of the Dolfi portable washing machine is the perfect solution to these problems.

How Ultrasonic Cleaning Works

While a portable washing machine like Dolfi isn’t something that many people thought of before, the use of ultrasonic technology in cleaning delicate medical tools such as surgical and dental instruments has been around for quite a while now.

It's also the ideal way used by automotive companies to remove grease and oil from motors and all the other vehicle parts. Since it has proven its efficiency and efficacy throughout the years, it was only a matter of time before it’d be implemented on laundry as well.

Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes the ultrasound waves in frequencies that range above 20 kHz  inside water. These produced sound waves can’t be heard. However, they’re able to agitate the water due to rapid changes in the pressure inside the water.

When the pressure is drastically altered underwater by the effect of ultrasound waves, it produces a bubble cavity inside the water that’s filled with water vapor. This process is known as cavitation.

When the high pressure in the water vapor filled bubble meets the lower pressure of the water molecules, these void bubbles implode from the inside out and collapse, producing a powerful shock wave that creates millions of microscopic jet streams.

In the case of ultrasonic cleaners, these invisible microscopic jet streams produce agitative and strong pushing shocks that can safely wash the dirt and particles off the fabrics.

 Deep Cleaning with ultrasonic power


What Dolfi did was incorporating a small but highly powerful transducer inside the portable washing device. This transducer creates and emits ultrasonic waves of multiple frequencies that are multi-mode, wide-band, and progressive.


Dolfi Portable Washing Machine

Let’s take a closer look at some of the properties, specifications, and first impressions when you first receive your portable washing device.

First Impression

When you first look at Dolfi portable washing machine, the first thought that might come to your mind is that it looks like a cross over between an airport case or a bar of soap.

This pebble-shaped device is 9cm (3.54 inches) in length, 7.2cm (2.83 inches) in width, and 3.4cm (1.3 inches) in height, making it one of the smallest washing machines in the world.

However, don’t let the small size of this device fool you. Although this device is the size of your mobile phone, it works on almost all kinds of fabrics with different levels of delicacy.

The External Design

The external body of the portable washing device is made of a special type of plastic which allows for the maximum amount of ultrasonic wave conduction. This ensures the maximum level of efficiency and output.

 The white color of the device along with the sleek design it has, not only enhances its portability,but also gives it the feel of cleanness and purity.

The elegant Dolfi design has won the IFA design award in 2019.

 IF Awards


The Accessories

Dolfi portable washing machine comes with two different pieces of accessories that are highly practical and useful.

A Power Plug Set

Since Dolfi comes with a standard US and EU power plug, the first item that’s offered for purchase with the washing device is an interchangeable set of power plugs with socket types I and G.

These power plugs can come in handy while traveling with the portable washing device, as they’ll allow you to use the device in any country of the world.

The Dolfi Sink Plug

The second accessory offered by Dolfi is an extremely versatile sink plug. The blue-colored rubber plug can be used to retain the water in the sink so you can use it as a basin while washing the clothes.

However, it can also work as a cover for the washing device or as a soap dish as well.


How Dolfi Portable Washing Machine Can Make Your Life Even Better

Dolfi offers some amazing benefits that make the next-gen cleaning device an ideal addition to your gadgets range.

Washes Different Types of Fabrics

Dolfi portable washing device is a perfect solution to a wide variety of fabrics. If you have some delicate material garments that are meant to be hand-washed only, then you’re in for a treat!

Fabrics like moire, cashmere, mohair, silk, lace and others aren’t washing machine friendly and they require a huge deal of caution while being cleaned. However, all these fabrics can be left for Dolfi without worrying about damaging them.

Not only is it perfect for lingerie and undergarments, but this portable washing device is also ideal for all kinds of light sportswear such as sports bras, leggings, workout outfits, sport apparel made of technologically advanced textiles, swimwear and swimsuits.

It is a great solution to wash at home shaped apparel such as light dresses, ties, hats, caps and bespoke decorated clothes such as embellished fashion or a jeweled shirt.




Dolfi is an extremely eco-friendly device that’s claimed to use about 80 times less power than a regular washing machine. It also operates on a very small amount of water - less than 10% compared to consumption of conventional washing machines that need to be continuously fed with water.


Having a portable washing device saves you lots of laundry service money. Additionally, you can say goodbye to all the tedious and time-wasting handwashing chores. And probably the biggest savings are your (often pretty expensive) favorite fashion items that will stay intact and in their best condition for much much longer if you let Dolfi to take care of them. Since Dolfi works without the need to rub, twirl, or stretch the clothes, there’s no risk of damaging them. 

Perfect Travelling Companion

Traveling with Dolfi is one of its greatest perks. The portable device is small enough to fit within your luggage without a hassle. It’s also packed with universal power plugs to allow using it almost anywhere you go.




Easy to use

One of the greatest things about Dolfi is that you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to use it. As long as you condition your water container right, all you have to do is plugging it to the wall and you’re good to go.

Works silently

If you’re tired of washing machine noises for washing even the lightest garments, then you’ll be pleased to know that Dolfi is extremely silent. That’s because our ears can't pick up or hear sound waves in ultrasonic frequencies.

The easiest way to tell that Dolfi is running by looking at its blue light  indicators when it’s powered on.


In addition to its cleaning properties, you can also use Dolfi portable device to wash and clean kids and babies small stuffed animals for extra freshness.

Although it isn’t claimed by Dolfi’s producers, according to many studies, high power ultrasonic waves also have a potent decontamination effect on fruits and vegetables.

How to Use Dolfi Portable Washing Machine Properly

Here are some tips that can help you through the process of using the portable washing device correctly.

The Type of the Container

When choosing a water basin for the washing cycle, you should look for a waterproof and hard container to serve as a water basin. Solid materials such as metal and ceramic basins are perfect for Dolfi.

The Right Amount of Water

Water creates the required medium for Dolfi’s ultrasonic waves to work. Consequently, the more water in the sink, the better the results are going to be.

Having a low amount of water in the sink means a smaller field of active ultrasound waves. This also diminishes the cleaning effect..

A golden rule of thumb while using Dolfi is to have 5 to 10 liters of water for every one or two pounds of laundry. You’ll know that you’ve added enough amount of water when the fabrics start to float freely on the surface. Be sure to leave some space between the Dolfi device and the fabric, optimal positioning would be the fabrics free-floating about 5 cm above the device.

The Ideal Water Temperature

The water’s temperature should be hot enough to maximize the effect of cleaning, but not too hot to burn your hands, as such temperature can also ruin your delicates. A warm 30 to 40 °C (85 to 105 °F) bath can do the trick.

Keep Dolfi Underwater While Running

To avoid overheating and malfunctioning, you should always avoid turning the washing device on while outside of the water or have it in an unplugged sink.

Placing the Device Correctly

Make sure to put the Dolfi device at the bottom of the sink or container with logo facing up.

If you’re going to use it on one piece of fabric with a tough stain, the fabric should be placed directly over the device with a gap of about 5cm between them. This is where the ultrasonic field is the strongest.




Pre-treatment and Detergents

Even the most powerful regular washing machine requires pre-treatment for some of the tough stains. Similarly, Dolfi portable washing device needs some external help from detergent and stain removers to remove difficult stains.

While Dolfi can work perfectly on stains like wine, blood, juices, and coffee, some thicker stains like mustard, cream, ketchup will require some detergent enhancers to remove them.

The Minds Behind Dolfi Portable Washing Machine


Dolfi is a startup company that was founded by Lena Solis, an innovative entrepreneur who came up with the idea of using the powerful technologies of ultrasonic waves for washing clothes.

The word “Dolfi” is derived from “Dolphins” to pay tribute to the most advanced users of the ultrasound on earth. Dolphins masterfully use ultrasound waves for communication, echolocation, hunting, and orientation under the water.

The idea of a portable washing machine came up to Lena Solis when she was frustrated by some local laundries experiences and hating to hand wash her clothes she was looking for a solution.

After examining the field of ultrasound technology and exploring its versatility and wide range of applications, she enrolled the best minds in the business, the Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering (CUE) and product designer Andre Fangueiro.

They then worked together to produce a miniature device that can utilize the power of ultrasound technology and solving a problem that hundreds of thousands of people face daily.

Wrapping It Up

Although Dolfi portable washing device is highly versatile and functional, it can’t replace a regular washing machine nor it can wash and clean many kilos of extremely dirty clothes.

If you’re seeking the best result out of a Dolfi washing device, then you should never use it with heavy-duty greases like engine oil, large volume items such as bedsheets and towels, or heavy fabrics such as jeans and blankets.

However, Dolfi can be a perfect complimentary device to your washing machine, as it can help protect the delicate and fragile items such as chiffon, silk, lace sheer fabrics and other fabrics that a regular washing machine might destroy.


 Unboxing Dolfi


The Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Delicate Clothing

The Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Delicate Clothing

Dolfi is a small, portable ultrasonic cleaner for delicate clothing. The device aims to replace hand-washing for textiles, and to provide a much needed solution for laundry on travels. It isn’t meant to be a permanent replacement for washing machines.

Dolfi’s name is actually a tribute to Dolphins, since they’re the most advanced users of ultrasonic technology. The crowdfunding campaign for this product has been widely successful, and a portion of that money was reserved for dolphins research and welfare.


Dolphin jumping out of the water



  • Gentle on fabric
  • Small and portable
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet operation
  • Safe to use
  • Saves energy and water


  • Not useful for larger loads

Does Dolfi Really Work?

Short answer: Yes, it does!

Ultrasonic technology has been used for cleaning since the 50s. It became widely available for medical and industrial applications to clean small, intricate objects and to accelerate surface treatment processes.

Dolfi had a working prototype since 2015, and was distributed among beta testers in 2017.

Since then, thousands of devices have been shipped all over the world.

It may look like magic, but the science behind it is actually well-understood.

What Is an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a cleaning method that uses sound waves that are beyond the human hearing (above 20KHz). The sound waves agitate the water in a process known as “cavitation”.

This process creates millions of tiny bubbles that implode creating a vacuum in the water and the jet stream created frees the dirt from deep in the fabric.  This is what makes ultrasonic cleaning so effective for washing deep into the fabric where hand washing cannot.

It also works as a mechanical disinfectant against bacteria.


Cavitation Process


What Are Some Alternative Uses for Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Besides cleaning fabrics (which is what Dolfi is meant for), ultrasonic cleaners have been used to clean luxury items such as jewelry, glasses, watches, coins, and fountain pens. It’s also been used to clean laboratory, dental, and surgical instruments due to its disinfectant properties and hands-free mechanism.

Ultrasonic cleaners can wash many objects, including musical instruments, phonograph records, electronic equipment, guns, fishing reels, golf clubs and so on.

Basically, anything that has a lot of delicate parts that can be damaged with manual washing, and also has many crevices that are difficult to reach.

Dolfi can wash some of the items here that aren’t clothing, as long as they’re small and lightweight, like for example the glasses or sunglasses.

What Frequency Do Ultrasonic Cleaners Use?

Ultrasonic cleaners use a frequency range above 20KHz, which is inaudible to the human ear.

The higher the frequency used, the smaller the cavitation bubbles created. Small cavitation bubbles are good for gentle cleaning and for getting into smaller crevices.


Deep Cleaning of ultrasonic technology


How to Use Dolfi?

Using Dolfi is really simple. All you need is water, a waterproof container, detergent, and a power outlet.

You need to have a large container and enough water to allow the cloth to float freely, this creates the best condition to remove the contamination. The recommended ratio is 5 liters of water for every one pound of laundry.

The water should be around 30-40 °C. It should be warm, but not too hot. High temperatures can damage delicate fabrics.

The reason the water has to be warm is that ultrasonic waves travel faster in warmer water, not to mention that it makes cleaning easier.

A ceramic or metal container is better than plastic at reflecting the ultrasound waves, but any waterproof container will work. The easiest container to find is the average kitchen or bathroom sink.

For best results, place the Dolfi device at the bottom of the sink with the logo facing upwards. Make sure there’s at least 5 centimeters of water between the device and the clothing, and that the clothing is floating freely above.

The device itself is very quiet, so you won’t know if it’s working from the sound alone. There are 6 blue lights that indicate how long its been working (each light is for 10 minutes of operation). Most stains should be gone within 30-40 minutes, but you can leave them for a whole 1-hour cycle.


The 4 steps to using Dolfi


Is Dolfi Portable?

Yes! Dolfi is a small device that fits into the palm of your hand.

Because it’s specifically designed for traveling, it comes with interchangeable plugs to match the outlets of different countries you may find yourself in.

Does an Ultrasonic Cleaner Need Detergent?

For the most part, yes. A mild detergent is preferred, especially since you’ll most likely be using Dolfi to wash delicate fabrics.

However, any kind of detergent would work, whether liquid or powder. A higher-quality detergent would ensure better results. 

If you’re washing swimwear, you don’t need to add detergent. Ultrasonic cleaning is effective at removing chlorine and sea salt from cloth with water alone.

If you’re washing an object that isn’t clothing, you have to use a detergent that’s appropriate to the object being cleaned and the type of stain you’re trying to remove. Never use flammable solutions.

How Much Laundry Can Dolfi Wash in One Load?

Dolfi can wash up to 1 Kg of clothing in every load and you’ll need at least 10 liters of water to fit that load. The clothing must be floating freely and have a distance of at least 5 centimeters above the device.

Isn’t It Dangerous to Plug the Ultrasonic Cleaner into the Outlet and Put It in the Water?

Not at all. It may seem counter intuitive to plug the device into an outlet, then place it inside the sink, but it’s totally safe!

Dolfi is housed inside a smooth plastic casing that is waterproof, and the wire itself is flexible and waterproof as well.

The main function of the device requires it to be placed inside water, so it has been tested numerous times for safety. It has been developed in accordance with international standards for electrical devices that work underwater.

If you’re still concerned, it helps to know that there’s only 12 Volts going through the cable at any given time, same like in your trimmer or toothbrush.

Is Dolfi a Replacement for Normal Washing Machines?

No. Dolfi is designed for small loads, with a maximum of 1.5 Kg. Even if you’re using the maximum capacity, you still need enough room for the clothing to float freely, so it’s not convenient for larger loads.

Dolfi is more suitable for the kind of objects that are too delicate to be put in the washing machine. Any heavy laundry such as linen and towels wouldn’t work.

Dolfi is more efficient than washing machines for small loads, in fact it uses up to 80 times less power, and 12-15 times less water every time you use it instead of switching on the washing machine.



If I’m not Traveling, How does Dolfi Help Me?

Dolfi is a lot gentler on your clothing than a washing machine, and uses significantly less power and water to wash them. It’s also much easier to use and quieter (in case you need to wash something at night).

When not traveling, Dolfi is a great alternative to hand-washing. You’ll have more time to do other things and won’t risk ruining the fabric with mechanical force of the washing machine drummer.

What Kind of Clothes Does Dolfi Wash?

Unfortunately, Dolfi isn’t meant for all kinds of fabric. For best results, make sure the item you intend to wash falls under one of these categories:


  • Delicate fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, lace, and so on. Any fabric that you’d be too afraid to put in the washing machine
  • Clothes that are tagged “hand wash only”, but that are not damaged from water alone (i.e. no leather!)
  • Shaped apparel, such as hats, corsets, dresses, or bras
  • Performance outfits, like figure skating and dance costumes
  • Swimwear
  • Activewear, such as yoga leggings, cycling outfits and other high performance training apparel
  • Garments with applications, such as buttons, studs, gems and so on
  • Children’s clothing


It’s not recommended to use Dolfi to wash any of the following:


  • Large or layered fabrics, such as sheets and towels
  • Heavy stains, such as motor oil
  • Jeans
  • Large knitted items

What Kind of Stains Can Dolfi Remove?

Dolfi is great at removing everyday stains, such as dust, blood, sweat, different oils, and many beverages including red wine, coffee, most juices, and cocoa. Dolfi is good at removing odor and will leave your clothes feeling fresh.


before and after


It’s also exceptionally good at removing chlorine and sea salt from swimwear, and doesn’t even need detergent to do so.

Some stains may need pre-treatment before washing with Dolfi, such as food stains that have a large particle size. For those cases, use a detergent enhancer or stain remover and give it a rinse before using Dolfi.

For really dirty clothing and heavier stains (such as motor oil), Dolfi isn’t recommended.


What Are the Different Types of Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Ultrasonic cleaners can be divided into several types based on their size and capacity.

Large Capacity Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

These ultrasonic cleaners have tanks that generate ultrasonic frequencies between 25Khz and 40KHz, which means they’re better suited for solid objects and machine parts. They can also be used for automotive parts and large musical instruments.

Table-top and Bench-top Ultrasonic Cleaners

Table-top ultrasonic cleaners can range in size and capacity. They often operate on a frequency of 40KHz, which is very versatile. The larger ones can be used for cleaning machinery, while the smaller ones are great for small machine parts, surgical instruments, optics and lenses, and so on.

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaners

These consumer-friendly devices are designed for every day, non-industrial uses. They often reach frequencies higher than 40KHz and can be used to clean jewelry, vegetables, clothing, glasses, watches, and the like. These cleaners are typically sold as a compact device without a tank. Dolfi is a pioneer of this category.


Dolfi is an innovative solution that utilizes technology to solve an everyday problem. It’s a perfect travel companion and a handy tool to own when the washing machine seems too aggressive or simply not available.

Dolfi isn’t meant to be used as a replacement for washing machines, but rather as a lighter, more portable companion. It can be considered a replacement for hand-washing.