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How Long Does Bacteria Live on Your Clothes and How to Disinfect Them Effectively

Bacteria animation

 In the time of super bugs and pandemics we are more and more conscious of bacteria and how close in contact we are with it in every day life.  On our hands, on hard surfaces and even on our clothes. 

It’s a constant battle and the stakes are higher than ever.  But we are not defenseless.  We can take precautions and follow good practices to limit our exposure to bacteria and viruses so we and our close friends and family are as safe as can be.

We all hear the common things to do to reduce exposure to bacteria in our homes or in public places.  Like wash your hands, don’t touch your face, use hand sanitizer and even wipe down surfaces with alcohol-based cleaning supplies.  But what happens to the bacteria on the clothing? As explained in this article published on Health.com they emphasize the importance of washing clothes effectively to avoid the spread of harmful bacteria.  CDC guidelines also note that viruses may remain viable for hours to days on surfaces made from a variety of materials, including clothing. 

But what can we do about the bacteria that gets into fabrics of our clothes? 

There are some well-known practices to get your clothes disinfected. For example, you can wash your clothes in the washing machine at very high temperatures or cook them in a boiling water.  You can add disinfectant to the detergent you normally use.  You can even use bleach in some cases.

But what do all those methods have in common?  They are all high risk of damaging the fabrics. Either by shrinking your clothes, or by bleaching out the color.  It’s fine for items like towels or bed linen, but what about your personal clothes?  Your scarf, hat and other clothing items that come in direct contact with your skin are in most of the cases the items that you have to wash on low temperatures and definitely cannot introduce bleach.  Then what do you do?

You can use technology.  Industries that have invested millions into research know that ultrasonic technology is the future in deep cleaning and disinfection. While those big companies use the tech for killing germs and bacteria from all kinds of surfaces like surgical instruments or human body implants, we can use it at home to clean and disinfect our clothing.

Ultrasonic technology is the answer to killing bacteria without compromising our clothing in the process.

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology Work?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a cleaning method that uses sound waves that are beyond the human hearing (above 20KHz). The sound waves agitate the water in a process known as “cavitation”.


Cavitation explainer image


This process creates millions of tiny bubbles that implode creating a tiny jet streams which remove the dirt on microscopic level.  This is what makes ultrasonic cleaning so effective for washing deep into the fabric where hand washing cannot. It works as a mechanical disinfectant against bacteria.


Image showing Dolfi deep cleaning fabric


This method uses a highly-effective  way of eliminating  contaminants and bacteria from the item being cleaned. The kind of results you get from this process are difficult to achieve using other technologies.


What Are the Different Types of Ultrasonic Cleaners?

Ultrasonic cleaners can be divided into several types based on their size and capacity.

Large Capacity Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

These ultrasonic cleaners have tanks that generate ultrasonic frequencies between 25Khz and 40KHz, which means they’re better suited for solid objects and machine parts. They can also be used for automotive parts and large musical instruments.

Table-top and Bench-top Ultrasonic Cleaners

Table-top ultrasonic cleaners can range in size and capacity. They often operate on a frequency of 40KHz, which is very versatile. The larger ones can be used for cleaning machinery, while the smaller ones are great for small machine parts, instruments, optics and lenses, watches, jewelries, glasses and so on.

Portable Ultrasonic Cleaners

Dolfi  has pioneered this category with its revolutionary portable device in 2015 https://www.huffpost.com/entry/dolfi-washing-device_n_6510494 and has continuously improved the portable application of ultrasonic technology for the last 5 years. By now there are also various knock-offs on the market, mostly from China as it is common nowadays.


How Does Dolfi Ultrasonic Device Work?

Put simply, the Dolfi device is packed with ultrasonic technology that can be applied to cleaning delicate fabrics without compromising the structure.

There is no mechanical rubbing or whirling during ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning happens thanks to the cavitation phenomena. 


Dolfi in action


Designed in a compact shape, Dolfi employs ultrasonic technology to clean and disinfect your garments. Since it can only be used to wash small loads of clothes, it’s best used to compliment your washing machine. Another benefit of its lightweight design is that it’s portable, which makes it suitable for cleaning items on the go.

What types of clothes Dolfi is designed for:

Your next-gen washing device is not meant for all types of fabrics. Here are the items Dolfi is ideal for and will deliver the best results: 

  • Clothes made of delicate materials such as silk, chiffon, moire, most sheer fabrics, lace, cashmere, and mohair
  • Clothes that are originally meant to be hand-wash only but are not damaged from contact with water alone like leather pants
  • Shaped apparel: dresses, bras, corsages, hats etc.
  • Fashion with applications like buttons, studs, jewellery and more 
  • Lingerie and undergarments 
  • Activewear like leggings, sports bras, sport shirts, socks and other sports clothing made of special fabrics
  • Swimwear 


Use cases

What types of clothes are NOT recommended to wash with Dolfi 

If you want to get the best results for your laundry, then you should take note of the clothing items that won’t work well with Dolfi. These are: 

  • Big volume laundry items like bed linens or towels
  • Working clothes with heavy duty dirt, like engine oil 
  • Jeans  
  • Large knitted items like blankets and big jerseys

Dolfi is an innovative solution that utilizes technology to solve an everyday problem. It’s  a handy tool to own, as it helps you to keep your clothes clean, free of bacteria and most of all undamaged.


Dolfi device in hand

The Hi-Tech Gadget for Your Delicate Fashion

The Hi-Tech Gadget for Your Delicate Fashion

If you want to clean any item thoroughly- whether it’s your home or car- you’ll have to try different cleaning techniques such as scrubbing, spraying and rubbing - sometimes quite aggressively.

But when it comes to cleaning delicate clothes, using aggressive approaches can do more harm than good. Enter: Dolfi. This hand-sized device utilizes ultrasonic technology to remove dirt while being gentle on your clothes.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not a new concept. It’s already being used in industrial cleaning, the medical industry to clean dental equipment and in the art world by tattoo artists. In our post, we’ll focus on the Dolfi Ultrasonic Cleaner, how it works and what makes it so suitable for cleaning delicate items.

What is Dolfi Ultrasonic Device?

 This cleaning gadget is founded on a very simple premise: it gives you a portable way of cleaning your laundry. Amazing, right? However, don’t expect to use it to clean massive loads of clothes; just a couple of items at a time. The good thing is, you can leave it amongst your clothes, walk away, run an errand and come back after an hour to find a clean set of clothes!

Dolfi is aptly shaped like a bar of soap. Only, it works way more effectively than one. So all you need to do is fill your basin with water and some detergent. Next,  place the Dolfi cleaner at the bottom of the basin, then add your clothes.



Be sure to use warm water that is about 30°C. Also, it’s good to leave at least 5 cm of space between the gadget and your laundry. This will facilitate the ultrasonic cleaning process, which we’ll explain in a bit.

When putting Dolfi device to your basin, ensure the side with the logo is facing up. Finally, plug the gadget’s cable to a power supply and wait as the magic happens.

A distinct feature of the Dolfi ultrasonic cleaner that makes it superior to washing machines is the fact that it doesn’t require too much water. Even low-water washing machines need a significant amount of water compared to this cleaning equipment.

Now, we’re not saying that you should give your washing machine to charity and rely exclusively on the Dolfi ultrasonic cleaner. This ultrasonic device is meant to clean a handful of clothes at a time. This means it can only serve as a complementary cleaning device. While this cleaning equipment may not replace a washing machine, it’s suitable for those times when you have smaller wash loads. It will save you significant amounts of water as well as energy.

That said, it’s hand-sized structure makes it perfect for travel purposes. Plus, it’s more effective and convenient than hand-washing your delicate clothing.

How does Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology Work?

This is a process that uses high-frequency and high-intensity sound waves to agitate a fluid, which leads to the creation of bubbles or cavities.

But how does any of these processes clean your clothing?

Well, when these microscopic bubbles are forced into contact with a surface, they disintegrate or collapse. Once this happens, the surrounding liquid occupies the area where the bubbles were, creating a gentle scrubbing action that cleans the item. The gentle scrubbing is what is referred to as cavitation.

 Cavitation process

In recent years, there has been a demand for a higher level of cleanliness. This has spurred the development of more sophisticated cleaning technology. As we speak, it’s possible to tailor ultrasonic waves so as to utilize this technology in a vast range of applications.

Ultrasonic cleaning is not only used to clean clothing items but also medical tools, lenses, jewelry, firearms, golf clubs, car fuel injectors, musical instruments just to mention a few.

This method uses a highly-effective and unconventional way of eliminating foreign contaminants from the item being cleaned. The kind of results you get from this process are difficult to achieve using other technologies.

Competing techniques include spray washing, agitation, brushing, turbulation and more. One disadvantage with most, if not all of these methods is that they use an ‘out-of-sight’ mechanism.


Why Invest in Dolfi Ultrasonic Cleaner?

It’s lightweight and portable

 Even though it cannot be used to clean huge loads of clothes, there’s one thing that makes it stand out- its lightweight design. Dolfi ultrasonic cleaner weighs less than an ounce.

Award-winning design: given its weight and size, this cleanser is small enough to fit in your bag and carry it with you wherever you go. In terms of size, it measures 9 x 7.2 x 3 cm.

Dolfi IF DesignAward Winner 2019


Save water and energy


One of the largest applications of water by American households is laundry work. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that a standard washing machine consumes up to 41 gallons (155 liters) of water per load. While there are a few washing machines that use smaller amounts, none can compare to the water efficiency of an ultrasonic cleaner like Dolfi.  

So, you can save water by choosing to use this device instead of a washing machine. With Dolfi, you need between 5 and 10 liters to clean your laundry.  

Another area where Dolfi has proven to be superior is in energy efficiency - it uses about 80 times less energy than a traditional washing machine.

Clean on the go


Are you planning a trip overseas and want a convenient way to keep your laundry clean? The Dolfi Ultrasonic Cleaner is the perfect solution. While a washing machine may be more effective in some aspects, its bulky design means you cannot carry it as conveniently as this tool.

With ultrasonic cleaning, all you need is a basin or sink, a detergent and the device. Within an hour, your clothes will be as clean as new.

For travelers, the ease of using this device really comes in handy. It means you don’t have to carry as many clothes since you already have an easy way of cleaning dirty laundry and reusing them.


packing Dolfi for trips


Save time and money

Cleaning delicate clothing can be challenging. Pieces of clothing such as bike shorts, ties, and silk shirts can get damaged if you use a washing machine.

Traditionally, the alternative to a washing machine has been hand washing these delicates. But this technique has one glaring issue- it requires too much time and effort.

It’s also more difficult to remove stubborn stains when hand washing clothes. This is where the Dolfi Ultrasonic cleaner comes in. As explained earlier, all you need to do is toss the device in the basin containing your dirty laundry and water. Connect it to an outlet and leave it to do its work. You don’t even have to be present to monitor the process.

This also eliminates the need to enlist laundry and dry cleaning services; hence, saving you money and time.


How Can You Get The Most Out of An Ultrasonic Cleaner?

If you’ve used any ultrasonic cleaner before, then you’re familiar with the level of efficiency it provides when it comes to cleaning. That said, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you’re making the most of this tool. These include:

Get the Temperature  Right

Different ultrasonic cleaners come with different guidelines on how to use them. In the case of Dolfi, the ideal temperature is about 30°C, which is also the right temperature for most of delicate fabrics.

Do not Operate the Device Out of Water

The device must operate in the water. It is equipped with a protection mechanism for the cases of draining washing solution, however you should never try to run it “dry”intentionally. If you’ve finished cleaning before the end of full 60 min cycle (when it switches off automatically), you need to make sure that you first unplug the device from the power outlet and only after that you can take the device out of the water.


Designed in a compact shape, Dolfi employs ultrasonic technology to clean your garments. Since it can only be used to wash small loads of clothes, it’s best used to compliment your washing machine. Another benefit of its lightweight design is that it’s portable, which makes it suitable for cleaning items on the go.

Its ease of use and efficiency are other aspects that make Dolfi investing in. While a standard washing machine requires a considerable amount of water, the pocket-sized ultrasonic cleaner only needs about 5-10 liters per load. Even better, it utilizes 80 times less energy than a washing machine.

If you’re planning to travel or looking for a more efficient way to clean a few clothing items, Dolfi Ultrasonic Cleaner is the perfect solution.

Dolfi device ready to be used

How to Wash your Lingerie and Delicate Clothing in 21st Century?

How to Wash your Lingerie and Delicate Clothing in 21st Century?

Underwear and lingerie make us feel confident, they might be underneath another layer of clothes but we choose certain items for certain moments when we need that inner confidence. 

So as we rely on those delicate items they need to be like the day we got them.  Perfectly fitting and structurally sound.

How many times have you second guessed throwing your lingerie and other delicates in the washing machine, pressing the Power On button and hoping they come out unscathed?  And do you remember how you felt when the inevitable happened and you realized what you had done?


I know it has happened to you too.  It's happened to us all, and it sucks.  Your confidence producing armor is damaged and you have that event tomorrow.


Lady frustrated after the washing machine ruined her delicate clothes


Why are delicates so hard to wash?

Delicate items are not called delicates by chance.  They are thin, fragile fabrics woven and constructed to do a job and we rely on them to do that job every time we call on them.  That fine construction can be damaged by spin cycles or by simply rubbing them together during handwashing. 

I know what you're thinking.  You handwash them to protect them from the washing machine.  But guess what, you pulling and stretching at the fibers that will deconstruct the original shape and compromise the overall shape and design.

We've moved away from rubbing our delicates against washboards but are we doing enough to preserve the integrity of our favorite delicate items?

The good news is, there is an answer.  And it's technology lending us a hand.  Ultrasonic technology that is.  Dolfi uses ultrasonic technology which radiates through water to clean your delicate pieces of clothing with no handwashing required. 

The science behind it is fascinating and I'll go into that shortly.  The important thing is with ultrasonic cleaning, there's no way to pull or stretch your fragile pieces of clothing out of shape so they always look and feel new.  And giving you that confidence time and time again.


Lingerie cleaned with Dolfi


How Does Dolfi Work? [Here’s the techy part…]

Put simply, the Dolfi device is packed with ultrasonic technology that can be applied to cleaning delicate fabrics without compromising the structure.

There is no mechanical rubbing or whirling during ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning happens thanks to the cavitation phenomena. 

The device has a transducer inside that converts electric power into a range of soundwaves.  These soundwaves in water create millions of tiny bubbles. 

These bubbles then implode, creating jets of water (mixed with detergent) that dislodges the dirt from deep inside the fabrics.  This activity eliminates the need for washing machines or even hand washing. 

Industrial ultrasonic washing machines have been using this technology for years to clean mechanical components that would get damaged in other processes but now this technology is available for you at home so you can take care of your delicate items and cleaning them deeper than ever before.


How Ultrasonic Technology Cleans Fabric


Who benefits from Dolfi?

If you have delicate lingerie, a silk or lace blouse, a structured baby doll or any intricate piece of clothing that you don't trust the washing machine with, then try using Dolfi and see the results. 

Once you start washing with Dolfi you protect those items from damage, reduce the amount of times you have to buy new items and another wonderful aspect, you get your time back. 

When you use Dolfi you don't have to be there to do anything.  Just put it to work and come back later to hang it out to dry.  Sounds pretty sweet, right?


Why Dolfi is a game changer

Using Dolfi on your delicates will not only clean your items safely and deeply, it gives you back time you could be doing other things.  Plus it saves you money. 

And no, I don't mean money from not needing to buy new items but actual savings from not using the washing machine or dry cleaning.  Water consumption and electricity consumption is a fraction when using Dolfi over the conventional washing machine.

Dolfi doesn't completely replace your big load size automatic washing machine, although that would be awesome, that spot in my kitchen for me would become a pizza oven.  But anyway, it doesn't replace your washing machine, and it's not trying to. 

Dolfi is there when you're standing in front of the washing machine with your delicates in hand and you think to yourself "Am I going to regret this?"  that's when you reach for Dolfi and let it take care of business.