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How to Wash your Lingerie and Delicate Clothing in 21st Century?

How to Wash your Lingerie and Delicate Clothing in 21st Century?

Underwear and lingerie make us feel confident, they might be underneath another layer of clothes but we choose certain items for certain moments when we need that inner confidence. 

So as we rely on those delicate items they need to be like the day we got them.  Perfectly fitting and structurally sound.

How many times have you second guessed throwing your lingerie and other delicates in the washing machine, pressing the Power On button and hoping they come out unscathed?  And do you remember how you felt when the inevitable happened and you realized what you had done?


I know it has happened to you too.  It's happened to us all, and it sucks.  Your confidence producing armor is damaged and you have that event tomorrow.


Lady frustrated after the washing machine ruined her delicate clothes


Why are delicates so hard to wash?

Delicate items are not called delicates by chance.  They are thin, fragile fabrics woven and constructed to do a job and we rely on them to do that job every time we call on them.  That fine construction can be damaged by spin cycles or by simply rubbing them together during handwashing. 

I know what you're thinking.  You handwash them to protect them from the washing machine.  But guess what, you pulling and stretching at the fibers that will deconstruct the original shape and compromise the overall shape and design.

We've moved away from rubbing our delicates against washboards but are we doing enough to preserve the integrity of our favorite delicate items?

The good news is, there is an answer.  And it's technology lending us a hand.  Ultrasonic technology that is.  Dolfi uses ultrasonic technology which radiates through water to clean your delicate pieces of clothing with no handwashing required. 

The science behind it is fascinating and I'll go into that shortly.  The important thing is with ultrasonic cleaning, there's no way to pull or stretch your fragile pieces of clothing out of shape so they always look and feel new.  And giving you that confidence time and time again.


Lingerie cleaned with Dolfi


How Does Dolfi Work? [Here’s the techy part…]

Put simply, the Dolfi device is packed with ultrasonic technology that can be applied to cleaning delicate fabrics without compromising the structure.

There is no mechanical rubbing or whirling during ultrasonic cleaning, the cleaning happens thanks to the cavitation phenomena. 

The device has a transducer inside that converts electric power into a range of soundwaves.  These soundwaves in water create millions of tiny bubbles. 

These bubbles then implode, creating jets of water (mixed with detergent) that dislodges the dirt from deep inside the fabrics.  This activity eliminates the need for washing machines or even hand washing. 

Industrial ultrasonic washing machines have been using this technology for years to clean mechanical components that would get damaged in other processes but now this technology is available for you at home so you can take care of your delicate items and cleaning them deeper than ever before.


How Ultrasonic Technology Cleans Fabric


Who benefits from Dolfi?

If you have delicate lingerie, a silk or lace blouse, a structured baby doll or any intricate piece of clothing that you don't trust the washing machine with, then try using Dolfi and see the results. 

Once you start washing with Dolfi you protect those items from damage, reduce the amount of times you have to buy new items and another wonderful aspect, you get your time back. 

When you use Dolfi you don't have to be there to do anything.  Just put it to work and come back later to hang it out to dry.  Sounds pretty sweet, right?


Why Dolfi is a game changer

Using Dolfi on your delicates will not only clean your items safely and deeply, it gives you back time you could be doing other things.  Plus it saves you money. 

And no, I don't mean money from not needing to buy new items but actual savings from not using the washing machine or dry cleaning.  Water consumption and electricity consumption is a fraction when using Dolfi over the conventional washing machine.

Dolfi doesn't completely replace your big load size automatic washing machine, although that would be awesome, that spot in my kitchen for me would become a pizza oven.  But anyway, it doesn't replace your washing machine, and it's not trying to. 

Dolfi is there when you're standing in front of the washing machine with your delicates in hand and you think to yourself "Am I going to regret this?"  that's when you reach for Dolfi and let it take care of business.