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Dolfi Ultrasonic Technology Keeps Your Activewear at Peak Performance

Dolfi Ultrasonic Technology Keeps Your Activewear at Peak Performance

Activewear has come a long way from the days of a traditional tracksuit. 

Now the items you use for crossfit, yoga or cycling are all state of the art pieces of textile created and designed in laboratories after years of research and experimentation to bring us the best performing activewear. 


Not just to keep us warm and comfortable but to even improve performance.  A study published by the AUTEX Research Journal goes deep into what it takes to produce activewear that gives you the edge.  It mentions applications like nanotechnology, UV protection, anti-bacterial fabric and anti-static microfibers with complex fabric structures, all designed to help you perform at your best, every time.

Can't we just wash our gym clothes in the washing machine?

After all that development and technology to make the best piece of clothing possible we just throw them in the washing machine when we’re done.  While washing machines are another great invention, they can damage your perfectly designed leggings and cause them to lose that extra quality that you paid for when picking them out.



When you throw your sportswear in the washing machine and give it a spin cycle the damage to those fabrics is irreversible.  So after a short time, you need to go out and buy some more. 

Not to mention the cost of running the washing machine after every session.  Not only are you using electricity to power the washing machine, but a typical washing machine will also use anywhere from 70 to 120 liters of water in a single wash cycle.

What if there was a way to deep clean your gear after every use and never risk damaging those complex fabric structures? Save money and have a lower carbon footprint?   Well, ultrasonic technology is the answer!


What is Ultrasonic Technology and How Does it Work?

Put simply, ultrasonic technology can be applied to cleaning fabric because of the cavitation phenomenon. The ultrasonic devices have a transducer inside that converts electric power into a range of sound waves. These sound waves create rapid changes of pressure in the water and this generates millions of tiny bubbles. 

These bubbles then implode creating micro-jetstreams of water (mixed with detergent) that dislodges the dirt from deep inside the fabrics.  This activity allows for the washing of textiles without traditional mechanical rubbing and it is a perfect alternative to hand washing. 

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners have been using this technology for years to clean mechanical components, surgical instruments, human body implants and other items that would get damaged in other processes, but now this technology is available for you at home so you can take care of your sportswear.




A Use Case for Dolfi

Activewear is a broad concept, let’s take a look at one specific use case:  Swimwear.

Whether you’re chasing a wave or doing laps of the pool, your swimwear takes a lot of punishment.  Swimwear applies all those state of the art designs and technologies to produce fabric and shapes that work with you so they don’t slow you down.

Yet the first thing you and I do is expose them to saltwater or chlorine filled swimming pools.  Then what do you do?  You rinse them off under the tap and leave them out to dry because you need them again tomorrow. You’re not alone.  We all do it.  But saltwater and chlorine remain deep in the fibers and slowly weakens the fabric and it eventually loses its integrity.



Washing your swimwear with Dolfi means not only you do not need aggressively rub it to get it clean, it cleans at a microscopic level to ensure there is no trace of saltwater, chlorine or even bacteria that always gets trapped.

So when you get home from your next trip to the beach or swimming pool just drop your swimwear in the sink filled with warm water and leave it to Dolfi to rinse them.  You don’t even need detergent.

When you want to give them a complete clean before storing them away, by all means you can use some detergent with Dolfi.  But when you’re just looking to get the chemicals and bacteria out of your swimwear there’s no better ally than Dolfi.




What are the benefits of using Dolfi to clean and protect your activewear?

As we’ve learned, the process of ultrasonic cleaning is very delicate on fabric since there is no rubbing, twisting or stretching of the items.  So your favorite technologically designed sportswear will last much longer and keep performing at it best.

Using the Dolfi device only requires 5 to 10 liters of water instead of the 70 to 120 liters a washing machine will use whether it’s a full load or just you gym gear.

The Dolfi device uses around 80 times less energy than a traditional washing machine.  While the Dolfi device does not fully replace your automatic washing machine, it’s there for your small washloads and quick gentle refreshment of your daily items. It will reduce the number of times you turn on your washing machine, saving water, energy and your special clothing.

It’s very simple to use.  Just fill the sink or any basin with 5 to 10 liters of warm water (about 30°C)

Put your Dolfi device at the bottom of the sink and make sure there are approx.. 5 cm of space between Dolfi and your clothes so the tiny bubbles can do their thing. 



You can set and forget.  Hand-washing is not only damaging to delicate fibers, it also requires you to be there actively washing the items.  Since the Dolfi does all the work, you can set it and go do something else.  You just gained an hour back.  The device turns off automatically when the cycle is completed, so you just need to hang out to dry once you're back and you are done!



Do you have some activewear that you could use Dolfi on?  Check out the full specs here.  Your training clothes will thank you.